Aerial Drone Videography: Portobello Beach

3rd flight with my DJI Mini 2. Quite scared of the wee thing being attacked by seagulls and ending up at the bottom of the sea... but luckily they stayed away. Bought a helipad to take off from... which was fine... But I must have pressed a button and it missed it on the return to home and quite possibly got sand inside it as couldn't take off. Not able to recalibrate and the gimble was reporting to be blocked. So had to cut filming short.... but once home all fixed so no long term damage done. Just won't be setting off on sand ever again

11th flight... I'd just done an 8 minute swim in 5.3c water and hadn't completely warmed up so wasn't really focusing on getting the best footage.... just something to capture the contrast between the different weather systems. The rain clouds were being pushed back but still hung heavy to the north.

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