Dalhousie Castle at Christmas

Back in 2014 I provided guests arriving for to the Dalhousie Castle Christmas party nights the opportunity to have their photos taken for free. This was all part of the service being offered by the castle as a way to promote their event. I set-up 2 studio lights and used a wooden window as the background. The richly embroidered material of the curtains provided a really nice natural frame to each photo. It also helped enforce the uniqueness of the venue. I used two cameras - both in fixed positions on tripods. I used my Sekonic Light meter to ensure that there was an even distribution of light.
While the guests went off to have their Christmas meal I busily edited all of the photos (upto 100 per night) and had them already online for when returned for the disco. This meant that they could be quickly shared on facebook and twitter by guests. It helped increase the success of future events held by the Castle.