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I want to help small local businesses and so I am happy to offer my Professional Photography services for FREE if you are happy to help me. All you need to do is this: 
  1. Simply post one of the watermarked images on at least 2 of your businesses social media sites within 5 working days of receiving the images and link it to one of my social media sites. (ie. twitter, facebook, linkedin, instagram) - an example of a watermarked image is shown below. 
  2. Next to the image place a link to my website: 
  3. Plus, on social media tell all of your clients and customers how great I was to work with and how happy you are with the images... (but you'll need not need any persuading to do that!).... or leave a review on Google  - Search "Lee Live Photographer Edinburgh" to find my business page.
It's that simple.... 

This offer is limited to Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 6:30am and 2:30pm only.
Is only available during school term time and not the school holidays.  
Bookings can only be made up to 3 weeks in-advance (subject to availability). 
This offer is only available to small local businesses (less than 15 staff) with headquarters within 12 miles of Straiton, Loanhead. (EH20 9NX)
Finally, the images can only be used for your businesses social media sites, internal marketing, editorial and blog pages but not for any advertising or commercial usage without purchasing a usage licence. (see below)* 
Non-watermarked images will be also made available for your internal marketing purposes.


*Commercial and Advertising usage of images:  

I am afraid that Commercial usage of the images is not included. The cost of images will depend on exact usage.  
If you require to use the images for Commercial or Advertising purposes then you'll simply need to buy a licence to cover the specific usage. So if you need to use an image in an advert, a poster, a book, on a company website, a billboard, in a newspaper or magazine etc.. - basically any place where your business might advertise it's services or sell a product in a commercial nature, then you'll need to get a quote for a licence from me prior to using it. 

If you'd prefer to pay for me to undertake photography then here are my rates: (that way your won't need to post anything about me on your social media sites and get access to un-watermarked images straight-away)

Events, PR, Corpotate Headshots and Internal-Marketing Photography Pricing:

Monday - Thursday: £150 for first hour / Friday: £200 for the first hour / Weekends: £250 for the first hour
[- for additional time add £75 per hour].
Includes ALL images for non-commercial usage . (Ok for Internal Marketing, Editorial and Social Media usage. A commercial usage licence can be obtained if needed) 
They'll be edited in Lightroom and made available for download within working 3 days in High Resolution from an online password-protected Gallery.  Same-day edits also available (POA).

Example of image with watermark: 


Wedding Photography Pricing

Click on link below.

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