About Me:

Inspired by the works of Sir Walter Scott I came to Edinburgh 23 years ago from Salford. Worked in IT. Did amateur acting/singing, public speaking, took up DJing and then gave up IT. Performed at over 900 events as DJ Lee Live. Been a professional photographer since 2014.... still DJing and reading Sir Walter Scott. Since January 2020 I embraced veganism in order to help save the planet. I live in Straiton with my wife and two kids. Since the first Covid lockdown I took up Wild Swimming and running 5k every weekday. We love exploring our natural environment, having fun and getting muddy no matter what the weather. Here are some of real life photos which show that my passion for photography extends to all areas of my life.  
  • Swing in the sunshine
  • Going for a spin
  • Soaking up the history
  • Exploring the beach
  • Swinging in the trees
  • Swans
  • Climbing the icy hills
  • Feeding Wild Reindeer
  • Exploring
  • An old steam train
  • Reading before Breakfast
  • Rachel taming a beast
  • Luke inspecting Rocks
  • Rachel in deep thought
  • Rambling around
  • Getting messing in the woods
  • Kids learning who to fish
  • Enjoying the rush of speed
  • Braving the cold
Lee Live: Photographer, Edinburgh