Climate Change

Climate Change Emergency --- My DUTY

Time for Action.

I want to help stop climate change.

To that end I feel it is my DUTY to help local organisations, businesses and charities (within 25 miles of Edinburgh) that are actively promoting environmental awareness measures and initiatives.

Such as:
Veganism (promoting a whole-food plant-based diet)
Stopping Plastic Pollution
Adopting Renewable Energy Measures
Encouraging Re-forestation and re-wilding
Promoting the Circular Economy. 
Protecting Wildlife

including Peaceful Climate Emergency protests


To me it is the easiest and quickest way that I can help others make a difference...

I want to help get positive media attention with the climate change measures that others are taking.

Contact me if you or your client need Photography for any event, protest, product launch or marketing campaign.

I will not be charging for offering this help. I cannot sit on the fence and watch this situation get any worse.

Lee Live: Photographer, Edinburgh