Aerial and Drone Photography Gallery:

I own 2 types of Drone. 

The DJI Air 2S is an Open Category (Class A2 sub-2Kg flying weight) drone. Generally it must only Fly Far From People* (aka A3 Subcategory) -- at least 50m horizontally from uninvolved people and at least 150m from residential, commercial, industrial or recreational areas. It can, however, fly any distance from unoccupied vessels, vehicles and structures. As I have passed the CAA A2 CofC exam I am permitted to fly this "legacy" drone within 50m of uninvolved people in low-speed mode (more details at bottom of page).  

The DJI Mini 3 Pro is an Open Category (Class C0 sub-250g flying weight) drone that is permitted to Fly Over People (aka A1 Subcategory) and it is also permitted to fly within residential, commercial, industrial and recreational areas.

However, it is not permitted to fly over assemblies of people.

Both drones are limited to a height of 120m above the earth. I must maintain a Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) or be with someone who can do so whilst I operate it. For both drones I completed the "Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Service" (DMARES) exam and hold a valid "Flier ID" with the CAA. I have also passed the CAA A2 CofC examination and am now permitted to fly within 50m of uninvolved people in low-speed mode.  

For each commercial job I will adhere to any bylaws and obtain Public Liability Insurance for the duration of any flight. 

Check my blog for the 4K UHD video footage. For more details about the types of drones I own and their legal usage see below. 

Who needs a drone or Uncrewed Aerial System (UAS)

Housebuilders - to monitor progress at Construction Sites. 
Residential Homes - for Building, Land and Property inspection. Including Surveying of Chimneys and Roof Gutters
Estate Agents  - for Aerial Photography for Domestic and Commercial clients. Including Surveying of Church Spires, Real Estate and Sales and Marketing Material.
Tourism - for Drone Videos of Promotional Events and Marketing.

Wind Farm image and Knockhill taken with DJI Air 2s

Tech data:

DJI Air2s 

15m/s in normal mode = 33.5mph* -- stopping distance 10m
19m/s in sport mode = 45.5mph -- stopping distance 30m
5m/s in cine mode = 11.2mph -- stopping distance 2m

DJI Mini 3 Pro
10m/s in normal mode = 22.3mph* -- stopping distance 10m
16m/s in sport mode = 35.8mph -- stopping distance 30m
6m/s in Cine Mode = 13.4mph -- stopping distance 2m

*Maximum permissible wind speed gusts for safe operation 

Here is where I can fly as an CAA A2 licence holder

*The Air2s can Fly Close to People (A2 subcategory) -- within 50m of uninvolved persons -- provided that the UAS (drone) is certified as a Category 2 drone and labelled as such. Also, the Operator is required to have hold a valid an A2 Certificate of Competence (A2CofC). I have passed my CAA A2 CofC exam and can now fly within 50m of uninvolved people in low-speed mode. 

All change in 2023

From 2023 - as an A2 licence holder if I own a drone weighing more that 250g and less than 4kg with a C2 label on it then I can fly it within 30m of uninvolved people in normal mode and 5m in slow mode

My Air2s would technically be a C2 class drone...  but it doesn't have a label! So unless I buy another one with the C2 label it then as of 2023 I'll need to fly it 150m away from uninvolved people even though I passed my A2 licence.

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