Skinny Dipping at Portobello Beach

Portobello Beach, Edinburgh


There are lots of parking spaces on side roads around Porty. A popular meeting place for early morning skinny dipping is Portobello Community Garden (at end of John Street), Post Code: EH15 2EB. 

Swim Spot: 

There are lots of places to skinny dip at Portobello Beach...   but it is very busy with families, joggers, dog walkers and other swimmers at most times of the day. So it is just a question of timing...  A lot of regular swimmers meet opposite the Swimming Baths or the Beach House Cafe so I recommend going in further along at Groyne 4 or 5 instead. 

Best time to go:

Sunrises in the summer are an unbelievable experience.   Seeing the rich hues of warm red sunlight reflected on the shimmering blue water is mesmerising. Though, invariably this will mean getting up at 4am to experience it! -- but it is well worth the effort (you can always go back to bed afterwards)


The water quality is not great. Sewage often overflows after heavy rain directly into the water at Portobello. So avoid swallowing it and have a shower as soon as possible afterwards. A list of all the sewage pipes going into the sea is shown here: 

Swim shoes are recommended as there have been cases of people standing on weever fish. Also, watch out for the jellyfish in the summer. 

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